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Global Financial Bridge

Global Financial Bridge Now Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Global Financial Bridge (GFB) for CPA's and Business Advisors

Global Financial Bridge integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP



Communicating decisions through financial statements.

Global Financial Bridge (GFB) is designed to bridge the understanding and interpretation gap between financial statements and financial performance. Financial statement present a picture of “how well are we doing” financial performance defines “how well can we do”. The ability to formulate and measure various strategic decisions within a single platform called the “One page scorecard” underpins the value offer of GFB.

See how it works  See how it works.






For Less than $600 this software will:

  • Convey CFO priorities to other operating managers
  • How to communicate strategies, actions and thoughts through financial statements
  • How to measure impact of past and future decisions within a one page scorecard platform
  • Make your board meeting interactive through the communication of your financial statement
  • Understand important concepts including the ability to differentiate good and bad debt, value creation measures, and how cash can be measured on a sustainable basis.

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 What is Global Financial Bridge?

Most people who review financial statements have one common objective...

To easily understand what my numbers are telling me.

This simple objective has many powerful outcomes:

  • Empowers the reader to use their financial statements as a key management tool.
  • Enables static financial data to become dynamic (Ability to road test financial decisions before you make them)
  • Create instant financial projections based on key strategic decisions (Producing Projected Income Statements. Balance sheets and Cash flows based on any nominated period you wish)

It is a common complaint that financial statements are not designed with the customer or reader in mind.
GFB takes income statement and balance sheet and converts this into an easy to read one (1) page scorecard.
GBF one (1) page scorecard is totally interactive, allowing you to do "what ifs" on key financial performance measures. This interactivity allows you to instantly identify the optimum strategy required to achieve certain predetermined financial goals whether they be profitability, growth or cash goals.


Learn more about Global Financial Bridge and what it can do for your CPA firm or your role as a business advisor.